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About Gillian Steer

Gillian is a therapist in the fields of Body Memory, EFT and Massage. She is a facilitator helping to translate body’s pain, discomfort or illness. Her unique method and approach to unlocking true health and potential comes from 30 years of continuous study of a diverse range of healing techniques.

Her formal training includes basic Shiatsu, Reiki, Rebirthing, EFT, Flower Essences, Sports Massage, Myofascial release, Hot stone therapy, and Advanced Medical Massage (the last 3 trainings with Jing Institute of Advanced Training). Over the 30 years she has gradually pieced together the ‘Body Memory’ process, an ever evolving approach unique to each person. Gillian has also been a residential therapist on several health retreats and is available for workshops.

Gillian’s work as a therapist is balanced by a parallel career as a painter and mosaic artist. You can find out more about her art workshops at mosaicworkshops.net

To book a session with Gillian, please call 07789 012964 or send an email.

Gillian Steer

About Samson Steer-Khan

Samson is a Shiatsu Practitioner and Assistant teacher at the European Shiatsu School and has worked abroad and in England for the past 3 years. He was introduced to Reiki early on and went on to learn Zen Shiatsu at the age of 17 and then other types of energy work.

His approach uses Shiatsu to rebalance and create a free flow in the body’s energy and other techniques to free up physical blocks and change psycho-emotional patterns that are often a major cause of problems. Zen Shiatsu in particular focuses on using excessive stuck energy to replenish deficient areas of the body and has a strong emphasis on the interrelationships of meridians.

To book a session with Samson, please call 07707 087602 or send an email.

Samson Steer-Khan