Body Memory work

About Body Memory work

When un-resolved trauma, negative thought patterns and pain become locked in body tissue and organs, emotional inertia, body tension and illness can result, leading to difficulty moving on and blossoming in your life.

My work involves uncovering the hidden patterns that keep us stuck, identifying and then helping to release the original cause. It is deep intensive work using breathing techniques, healing, fascial release, EFT, and flower essences to help process and release what the body is storing. When we bring to conscious awareness what is being held in the body then we can make a decision whether to let it go or not. This work can uncover deeply buried emotions which are usually resolved in the course of the session. The sessions are usually two hours long and I use whatever tools I feel useful to facilitate your situation.

Practitioner: Gillian Steer

Body memory work

Case Histories

Case history 1
A man came for treatment and complained of a painful shoulder he said he had tried various treatments and massage with no improvement. On placing my hands on his shoulder it was apparent to me that there was a very old shock being contained in the tissue. On further listening to his body I communicated to him what I understood was held there, an unresolved memory regarding his brother who had died 4 years earlier. He released the stored emotion and the pain lightened and continued to dissipate over subsequent sessions. The speed of release is always personal. It relates to the depth of trauma and shock, and how quickly it is comfortable to let  this go.
Case history 2

A lovely, yet devastated, woman came  to see me amid the horror of unravelling her own sexual childhood abuse. Having the courage to heal was eroding away at her relationship and amid her pain and confusion she had decided to wanted to leave her husband. As a result of her abuse she had formed many subconscious negative conclusions and decisions about herself and men, which had been formed at an early age. Together over a series of sessions we unravelled the tangle of confusion and deep shock. Some of the debilitating decisions were: ‘men hurt me’, ‘it’s all my fault’ and ‘I can’t trust anyone’. She was a successful woman and had no idea she held these beliefs, however in relating to her husband they surfaced and her  behaviour confused them both (what we hold in our unconscious mind can control our behaviour without us knowing why). She is now resolved and happier in her relationship. The depth of her result was directly related to her willingness to transform.


‘I have had several healing sessions over the years and this Body Memory session was the most powerful for me. I could feel the physical effect of it and it was really great to release stuff I had been holding onto for so long.  I feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest. Gillian is very generous with her time and I didn’t feel rushed. That shows me that she is doing this because it is a passion for her and she wants to be there to do the work. I am looking forward to coming back for another session in the future.’


‘I love having treatments from Gillian because she combines body work with emotional release. She works intuitively and knows what is going on/what your body needs before you do. She doesn’t force things, she waits until you are ready to release/let go. I felt my problem was in my abdomen, I was bloated & feeling pain. As soon as Gillian put her hands on my abdomen I could feel movement, a change in my tissues. I felt a sense of calm coming over me, energy moving around my body, the feeling of concrete in my abdomen dispersing and softening. Gillian also used flower remedies and EFT to help me break the cycle of negative thought patterns.’


I recommend at least 1,5 hours for deep emotional work.

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