About EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an emotional release therapy using the meridian system, to work with emotional psychological and physical issues. Gentle tapping on various points effectively helps to release the blocked energy.

EFT can produce lasting results from fears, phobias and emotional triggers by unlocking the deeper emotional pattern in your energy system that holds the symptom in place. Once the emotional charge has been released or dissipated from the original experience, the current symptoms can fade or disappear. As powerful as the technique is, it can only facilitate transformation at a rate that is right for you. I use EFT, if appropriate, in a Body Memory session.

Practitioner: Gillian Steer 


These are some of the questions I frequently get asked to help with in an EFT session
  • Why do I feel so guilty?
  • Why am I drawn to men/women who are bad for me?
  • Why do I keep repeating patterns of behaviour that aren’t good for me?
  • Why can’t I be intimate with my partner who I love?
  • Why do I think I’m worthless when I know I’m not?
  • Why do I have recurring nightmares?
  • I hate my job but I’m frightened to change.
  • I love my partner but I’m angry at them all the time.
  • Why do I feel bored and uninspired with my life?


‘Gillian is the best practitioner I have ever met in the field of body/mind healing. With a grounded, connected, confident and intuitive approach she has helped me to identify and release old traumas and negative patterns. Step by step she has guided me through the process of peeling off accumulated layers of wounds, shame, guilt, fear to reach the core of my being. By consciously letting go of self sabotage I can see myself in the light of love. With her healing hands, warm heart and wise guidance I’ve been able to release pain and tension, both physically and emotionally. I’ve learnt the EFT so that I can use it at home.
Thank you Gillian!’

‘Gillian is an intuitive and expert healer, with her by my side I was able to journey into very ‘scary’ places and reclaim the innocence and inner goodness of my own being, which for so many years had been trapped in fear. Gillian gently challenges you (and is persistent!) to heal and grow at a deep cellular level, which demands strong support to help you release unforgiving patterns, thoughts, feelings and energies. Using a combination of EFT and intuitive body work over a couple of years, Gill guided me through my darkest hours into the light of peace and joy. I am now able to feel a sense of freedom that only comes from true transformation and where fear once lived peace now reigns! I cannot recommend Gill highly enough, I have a deep respect and affection for this wise and compassionate woman who without doubt supported me to heal and grow.’
A very grateful Lady!

‘Incredibly after two hours of EFT with Gill my anxiety over my stuttering disappeared .I now have a new found confidence and ease of communication, two hours has simply changed my life!’


Price: £90 for 2 hours
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