Covid-19 and EFT remotely!

Due to our current situation with regards to Covid-19, I am no longer offering direct physical body work sessions. However, I am offering phone or webcam (Zoom, Skype, etc) EFT to work with a variety of body or emotional issues. It can be very powerful to work just on the phone as the listening to our bodies and feelings can be enhanced. As this maybe new to some of you and you may not know if it will work for you, I am offering 30 min free so that you can try it out for yourself.

Please book a session by text for April, NOT via the booking calendar.
Regards Gill

Contact details
Call Gillian Steer 07789 012964

– Body Memory work, EFT and Therapeutic massage

Call Shona Steer Khan 07392 188530

– Reflexology

Call Samson Steer Khan 07707 087602

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